Friday, October 26, 2018

En Garde (February 1625)

The Parisian Social Register of February 1625

I thought I'd collect the public information in James' En Garde game here. I know the information is not up to date, especially with regard to character's SL at the beginning of February, but some people haven't updated their public profiles. If you wish to correct any of the information here (which should be known to all players), either message me privately of leave a comment and I'll adjust the values.

The Players

SLNameRegimentCurrent Mistress
12Gassot LafleurCpt. Royal Foot GuardsAnne-Claire d'Ambly
8Gilbert St. Jean de LargillièreCpt. Royal Foot GuardsMireille Bourassa
8Edouard de la FayetteSub. Kings Musketeers 
6Baudet MassonCpt. Royal MarinesHélène Gauliot
5Philippes DaumontMaj. 13th Fusiliers 
4Jéan-Jacques Macheblé  
4Henri Montcalm  
3Jean GuillardeCpt. 4th ArquibusiersCharlotte Lalonde
2Colin Bruneau   
2Voulo Batteux  
1Luis Pacheco de Carranza  

The Mistresses

SLNameAttributesCurrent Mistress of
15Marie-Noëlle d'ArbeletB 
14Mireille BourassaIGilbert St. Jean
13Anne-Claire d'AmblyBWGassot Lafleur
13Irène PaléologueB 
12Hélène GauliotBIWBaudet Masson
11Alexandrine FlavignyIW 
9Charlotte LalondeWJean Guillarde
8Bérénice BouthillierW 
6Béatrice Joubert- 
5Élisabeth Durand- 

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