Thursday, December 5, 2019

What the hell have you done to Stonehell?

I thought I'd increase the difficulty of running Stonehell slightly by reconfiguring the maps slightly. This is the test layout of the first level of the dungeon, although I will definitely make a couple more changes from the original layout to better suit the radial nature of the dungeon.

I always found Stonehell much to cramped for my tastes. Ideally I would actually disperse it more. I am not of the school where a megadungeon needs to be fully inhabited, but rather of the school of thought that a megadungeon is an underground environment with scattered enclaves of various groups, usually separated by dull empty space in which they can skirmish or sneak through.

Apologies if anyone manages to take away any actual information about the layout of the original Stonehell from this version, but if they do they are much more skilled than I.

Edited to add: And here is the final result I will be using.


  1. This radial design is really cool! I think an original dungeon in this style would be excellent - maybe something similar in setting to Arnold K's Dragon Hole, where you slowly make your way down the perimeter of a massive pit.

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  2. Fantastic! Useful for all sorts of circular or spherical dungeons. Aside from the Dragon Hole mentioned above, I'd definitely use this for the Near Moon from Ultraviolet Grasslands.

  3. I've always wanted to use a map like this for a buried "starship enterprise" type ship that is now an overgrown dungeon.

  4. The final map is really neat. Is there any chance of a higher res. file? The map downloads at 440x440, which really isn't useful for printing.

  5. Would love to see a higher-resolution version of the final image--I'm prepping Stonehell myself and would enjoy comparing notes.

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  7. Oops. Meant to do better images of some more of the circular maps before posting anything full-size ... but life happened. Will put them up somewhere soon. Unless death happens.